Tomatoes are in the ground, mosquitoes have been sighted and swatted, and we have even had a few hot spells and thunderstorms. It all adds up to summer in Central Vermont. And right on time, this year’s long, dark winter notwithstanding.

The warmer weather has had me itching to get out on the weekends and do something different, so last weekend I spent a day up in Burlington trying to capture a few interesting images of the Vermont City Marathon. It was a nice change of pace from the landscape photography I have been doing over the winter, and fun to approach a race as a photographer, rather than in my more usual role as a runner.


The full gallery is here.

This weekend, I drove 12 miles up to Adamant, home of the Annual Black Fly Festival, to see what that was all about. To say it is a low-key affair would be an understatement. But the weather was perfect and the jumbo hot dog delicious. What’s more, the people were great, the music was mellow, and the kids were having a great time splashing in the stream that runs through the town green. What’s not to like?


Of course, none of this means there are not still great landscapes to be shot. In fact the skies have been particularly interesting lately.

May Sunset

May Sunset



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