A week ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful marriage of Amanda and Brian (whom I met last fall under rather serendipitous circumstances). Originally, they had asked me to shoot what was to be their conventional wedding, but then they decided to elope and asked if I had any ideas for a good outdoor location in Central Vermont.

Several places came to mind, and we finally settled on a secret hilltop in East Peacham that, after a short snowshoe hike, offers stunning views of the many surrounding hills.

I was a bit worried that a February date would be brutally cold, or just cloudy and overcast. So, being me, I suggested maybe we should have a Plan B in mind. But the young couple was too optimistic for Plan Bs. Thankfully, they were right. The day turned out to be positively balmy (45º!), with sunny blue skies and cottony white clouds. In a word, a photographer’s dream.

They brought along a few friends, including Alex, John, and the officiant, Nikki, as well as their dog Phil, and Phil’s buddy Eddy. We improvised a ring shot atop Brian’s coat, the photographer learned why you don’t try walking backwards in snowshoes, the ceremony was beautifully done, and afterwards there was a bracing nip of scotch.

In short, perfect. But still, I think we should have had a Plan B.

A gallery of select images is below. My favorite is the bokehrama of the newlyweds atop the mountain, posing next to the massive maple tree – it is actually a stitched together composite of about 20 images.




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