Montpelier Panoramas

With the generous assistance of Ashley Witzenberger at Montpelier Alive, I been able to make a few forays up steep ladders, past spiderwebs and ancient clockworks, to the top of the Montpelier City Hall tower. The goal was to capture a series of panoramas of Montpelier – one for each season.

Technically, each panorama is actually a vertorama, because it is shot in portrait mode to capture the maximum of sky and street. Each vertorama is a merge of about 8 images.

The three images that comprise the animated gif were shot in July, October, and February.

The wide panoramas are interesting, but I personally like the effect of a narrower vertorama of just the northwestern view (the header image on this post) of town. It gives more of the sense of how Montpelier is nestled in the surrounding hills.



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