This fall has been a fruitful time for photos. And lucky.

I can really only get out and shoot on weekends, and have not traveled far. But even a dozen or less miles from home there are always new treasures to find, if you pay attention to the light, the phases of the moon, the color of the sky.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this fall and early winter.

This first was taken just outside Montpelier, where there is a wide vista that spans Camel’s Hump and Mount Mansfield. I was  hoping for a beautiful sunrise, and some interesting rays of light appeared in the mid distance.

The first snow blanketed the region in mid-November, so I headed up to Berlin Pond the next morning and caught this and a few other nice shots at sunrise. Tried out a new ND filter, but did not like the result, as it seemed to be throwing focus off.

The following weekend, most of the first snow had melted. I decided to explore some places near Stowe I had never been. I headed to Moss Glenn Falls, which was beautiful, and very peaceful, but I did not much like the results of my shooting there. In any event, on my way there, as I was driving past the Waterbury reservoir, something caught my eye, so I turned around, found a place to park, and scrambled down through some deforested brambles and watched the fog settle in around the shore.

I was dropping my daughter off at the airport, and figured that, since her flight was just before sunset, I would see what I could capture on Lake Champlain. As I headed from the airport toward the lake, I noticed the sky in the southwest starting to light up, and I raced toward Oakledge Park, worried it was going to fade before I got there. And then when I got to the park, I didn’t know my way around and couldn’t get around the point to get a better view. Very frustrating. Preparation is everything! But I shot and shot anyway, not even noticing the boat on the shoreline in the growing darkness. It only appeared when I did a few post-processing adjustments in LR after the fact.



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