In the heart of the Green Mountains, a sun swept field vibrates with the enthusiasm of a thousand devotees of broadswords, mead and medieval attire. Maidens in ankle-length dresses and pushup bodices, accompanied by young sires trussed up in leather and the occasional feathered cap, clamber out of dusty Subarus and F150s to attend the first ever Vermont Renaissance Faire, held June 25 and 26 off Route 108 in Stowe.

Three-score popup tents cascade across a broad grassy plain, purveying everything from herbal potions to Celtic crosses, from candles and lambskins to goblets and magic wands. A fenced-in section offers Vermont-made spirits, cider and beer to beat back the rising heat of midday, while the back side of the field is begrudgingly given over to hot dog, burger and kebab sellers (because, really, who would want to eat what they ate in the 1300s?)…

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