Scanning the Pasvik Valley for boreholes.

The Kola Superdeep Borehole

This is an excerpt from Driving Down Russia’s Spine, a book about three journalists’ (one American, two Russian) 6000-km trip […]

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Brotherhood of the Arrow

Faire Thee Well

In the heart of the Green Mountains, a sun swept field vibrates with the enthusiasm of a thousand devotees of broadswords, […]

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The Most Beautiful Village in Russia

Across the room an iPhone alarm rages. I open my eyes. Or at least I think I do. I cannot […]

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Burr Morse

Sweet Maple

The first Morse family sugaring ancestor arrived in Cabot in 1789. For 150 years, the family tapped trees and boiled […]

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Why Russians Don't Run

It is a chilly September afternoon and I am sitting in a smoky Italian restaurant at the dismal southern end […]

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"The Russian bees will save us"

Originally published in Russian Life, July/Aug 2013 Each September, honey makers from around Russia gather in the capital’s picturesque Kolomenskoye […]

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1983: The Scariest Year

Thirty years ago the world came uncomfortably close to Armageddon. Some believe that at no time since the Cuban Missile […]

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